Five and Dime Training

Posted: May 15, 2020 in Uncategorized

A lot of athletes that I talk to ask me what is the best rep range to gain size or strength. The answer is that it depends. It depends on your genetic make up, fiber type distribution, etc.

There are guys that I have trained that could bench 235×3 but could bench 300 pounds. These guys are fast twitch beasts.There are guys that I have trained that could bench 250×8 but could not get 300 pounds. Not necessarily fast twitch beasts.

Anyhow, one notion that I use is to combine the potentiating effect a heavy set has on recruitment and applying it to a “lighter” 8-10 rep set.

The “lighter feel” of your 8-10 rep set enables you to do a rep or 2 extra at times when you may have not been able to without the potentiation.



Let’s say you can Squat 275×5.

Try this warm up, 135×5 185×5 225×5 275×3(still a warm up) 90 second rests

Five and dime sets after warm up, these would be approximations 2 minute rests

round 1 285×3(not to failure set), 2 minute rest, 225×8-10, 3 minute rest before round 2

round 2 290-295×3, 2 minute rest 230-235×8-10. Round 2 is close to failure.

Week 2: Schedule the same scheme but aim to add 2 to not more than 5 pounds to each set

Week 3: Same but aim to add 1-2 pounds to each set

Week 4: If you have been training to failure each week you will be peaking soon and may be stuck already. If you have been microloading you will be good to go for another 8-10 weeks. Continue 1-2 pounds additions for the next 8-10 weeks.

Simple linear periodization is best for most beginning intermediate and sometimes advanced athletes.

This can be applied to many big compound moves.




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