Threes and Fives

Posted: July 22, 2020 in Uncategorized

Myth: Running stadium steps will get you faster

Reality: Running endless steps will shorten your stride length, ruin your fast twitch
composition, and foster recruitment of slow twitch fibers when the athlete thinks of

Myth: It has to feel “hard” and burn to make you faster. You should not be able to walk
when you are done.

Reality: For athletes that train with us, “Do you ever notice a theme of 3s and 5s during
your training here? Do you notice that usually the stuff that makes you dead in the legs
happens more towards the end of your session when freshness is not critical?
Here is why. Explosive movement requires an immediate recruitment of fast twitch
fiber. Let’s look at resisted sprinting. First rep feels good, second rep feels decent, third rep
pretty good, fourth rep a little drop off, and fifth rep has you about 80% of your fresh
effort. In addition to depleting CP energy storage, this drop off corresponds to the fatiguing
of your FT(fast twitch fibers). The intermediate fibers, which can be trained to become FT
or ST(slow twitch), are ready to learn what they are going to do in the future. Do we stop
here for a break or do we continue for another 5 reps? Depends.
If you are conditioning, want to recover better at half time, or are looking at distance
related events, roll on. If you want to get more explosive and faster a break in the action is
warranted. Let’s look at what happens from reps 6 to 10. Your fast twitch fibers are
essentially toast at this point. You will now be “teaching” the key intermediate fibers, which
can adapt to become good at explosion or endurance, to become good for marathons or
distance related events. Your brain will also be learning to recruit slow twitch fibers to help
FIBERS TO HELP YOU RUN FAST. Bad idea for speed development. There is an
expression: “Train slow, be slow. Train fast, be fast.”

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