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We have run 22 very successful years of these sessions with dedicated FALL SPORTS players from the area. These classes have covered the maintenance of speed, agility and quickness and getting a jump on showcase event prep. Recovery techniques involving lactic acid clearance and myofascial release are also being used. The football players have also benefited from working on hand speed and hand eye with special techniques we’ve developed through the years. We will be running these classes throughout the high school/junior high school season. To get involved email us at

More Importance of In Season Maintenance

A recent research study entitled, “DETRAINING AND TAPERING ADAPTATION ON STRENGTH AND POWER PERFORMANCE” was published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, Aug. 2007 and provides definitive scientific data that addresses your question of whether it is worth maintaining some level of training frequency versus stopping altogether and participating in a sport.  In the study, speed and strength training was conducted for 16 weeks prior to the experimental detraining (DTR) or maintenance (MT) work.  Following the training period, DTR stopped additional exercise; the other group, MT, performed low volume, high intensity work periodically.  Both groups continued to participate in their given sport.  Following 4 weeks of this modification, DTR lost some strength but had over a 15% decrease in muscle power (slower running speed and lower vertical jump), while  MT (the group that continued with their performance training) showed a small increase in strength and maintained power (maintenance of performance gains)

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