Keeping at it with smarts

Posted: September 2, 2020 in Uncategorized

stranger thingsI want to urge everyone to never lose sight of their goals. Do not let anyone take anything from you. If you do not give it to them, they cannot have it. That includes your dignity, confidence and esteem. Don’t play like  a coach who is not too “high” on you expects you to play, play like you can.

We have some student athletes here at SFAS or others I train offsite who never seem to take a rep or a workout off. Workouts are tough, smart and efficient.

On the other hand I see video of athletes doing old school leg presses with tons of weight, looks great but then over time their quads balloon and their hamstrings are about as big a pencil. Ham tears and injuries since their powerful quads can’t be held in check by their hamstrings for landings, decelerations, etc.

Can you tell me what a seated sloppy supported dumbbell press wearing a weightlifting belt that shrinks your waist from 32 to 26 is going to do for you? Sit down=lack of core. Add a belt to the mix=turn off TVA muscle which is your body’s own weightlifting belt. End result=inability transfer any upper body power from this pathetic exercise. However I see it prescribed by “trainers” frequently.

The Deadlift is often a sight to behold humping it up, corkscrewing, spiraling and turning the spine into a C. If you started and maintained it that way, OK. If you started with a neutral spine and ended up looking like an inverted U don’t complain 2 years from now when you have this burning stab all of a sudden in your L5-S1 region.

Or how about a cheating seated wide grip pulldown? WTF?

Let’s not even get into the Olympic Lifts and how they are abused with atrocious form.

Keep it smart!!



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