Posted: November 5, 2020 in Uncategorized
(Pictured) Beth Yauch now of Cleveland State University

This was overheard from one of our long time clients’ parents. It epitomizes some values of what an ideal customer looks like for us in their approach to things and the value that they hope to gain from a Coach.

Beth Yauch is a tennis player who was trying to get ready to play D1 tennis at Cleveland state university. Although she was with Ed for just over two years, since she’s been going to Strength Fitness and Speed everything improved for her on and off the tennis court.
Her coaches were amazed at her footwork and agility and strength that improved pretty rapidly for her. We chose to have Beth work with Ed not only because of all the wonderful things we had heard about him through all of the communities, but especially through the Baldwin community. His positive outlook and praise made her want to work harder than she ever worked before. He was there for her every step of the way. He showed that he believed in her and gave her no room for doubt!
To put it all in a few sentences, he was exactly what she needed to get to the level she wanted before leaving for her freshmen year at CSU.
One of the biggest things I learned as a parent of an athlete, is that your child can not play and compete at a higher level unless their body is ready for it. If not, injuries will occur. Ed gave Beth that and so much more.
SFAS is her home now when she will come back to Pittsburgh for her breaks and go right to SFAS. Ed is her forever Coach, mentor and friend that I am sure will last a lifetime.
We couldn’t be happier or more grateful for all of the hard work that they both put in!!!
Thank you Ed! For everything!

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