With Honor

Posted: November 12, 2020 in Uncategorized

We don’t take it lightly. Training sessions are our personal game days as coaches.

We get to live vicariously through our athletes.

Take Football for example. Last year as I sat in the stands at Heinz Field watching TJ win the WPIAL championship I looked up and saw that 22 of the 24 starting positions were filled by our clients. No less than 25 players from that team trained with us.

2 of their guys that we worked with ended up in the NFL.

I’ve been watching Peters Township Football steadily rise over the last 4 years. No less than 25 players from PT that are clients of ours will hit the field in the Championship Game this year.

Rewind back to Bethel Park Championship team in 2008. 10 of their 12 offensive starters were our clients.

We focus on details and unique training modalities that does not include ladder dancing, jumping in and out of squares, etc. DETAILS. PIECES OF MOVEMENT.

I look back with humility and honor.

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