Dream Compass

Posted: February 4, 2021 in Uncategorized

Quite honestly how do you know where you are going if you do not know where you are starting?

This is the most important part of our training process and an origin is actually imperative in achieving anything quite honestly. Where are you starting?

Qualitative and quantitative measurements are taken by our highly qualified staff which includes coaches with Doctorates and Masters level degrees in Exercise and Physical Therapy.

We also use video to ferret out details such as improper shin angles, foot contacts and many other items as they relate to athletic and functional movement.

If you are a Football LB how would you like to get to a space .5 sec quicker consistently by altering first step strategy?

If you are a softball player or baseball player how would you like to save .3 to .5 seconds getting out of the box?

You can only figure these items out and whether they are deficient based on motor limitations or muscular in nature via some close scrutiny and observation.

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