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SINCE 1998


I can’t thank you enough for what you and your trainers have done for Drake. He had a rough couple of middle school years. He packed on some middle school weight and was feeling very insecure about himself, as well as getting some rude comments made by other classmates. He had always been an active kid but no longer ran around a playground, we mentioned him trying Strength, Fitness and Speed out, our older son had a great experience there and we knew it was the best place around for a growing boy to properly learn strength training and agility. Of course, a couple months into his training a pandemic hit, that shut down everything. Drake had just started to love the progress he was making and really craved those workouts during that stressful shut down. I left a message to you to please put Drake on the books for as soon as we were given the go to start back up. I’m so thankful that he was able to pick right back up where he left off and continue his training. But I didn’t even mention the results yet. In a year in a half Drake has lost roughly 45 pounds. He looks so healthy and he is so strong, I am amazed by the transformation. However, that transformation is not only physical, it also is a mental transformation. During a chaotic year of shut downs and quarantines and in person learning and at home learning, my son is doing amazing. Probably one of his best years ever. Has it been hard, yes, but honestly taking care of your body also has a mental and emotional impact and we have seen both those results in our son. Drake needs Strength, Fitness and Speed. He craves the workout and the feeling after a workout. He has a place that he can burn that energy off at. Those workouts help motivate him to do better and be better. He has always felt so welcome there and we are always so thankful that even when our schedule changes, you make it possible for him to get those 2 workouts in a week. We have seen such a change in our son, not only physically and on the field or court, but also emotionally. When times get tough, he handles it so much better than before. Taking care of your health, by working out and eating right have more than just a physical impact, it makes you feel better, more confident, and happier. We are more than pleased with the results we see in him and look forward to how much more he will grow and develop in his continued trainings with you. Thank you for being a part of his development, we are very grateful!

-A grateful parent

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