Posted: May 14, 2023 in Uncategorized

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there. Here’s to the feet that move in sync with your kid’s as they play defense on the basketball floor as you watch from the bleachers. Here’s to the feet that put a hole in the car floor as you teach them how to drive by braking from the passenger side. Here’s to the pain you feel with their breakups, failures and strikeouts. Here’s to the joy they bring you each and every day as you watch them make their way!
I was blessed with a Mother who’s gift to me was how to follow through and keep going until. She also taught me how to beat my opponent be it an exam, a player on the other team, or one of life’s obstacles. She convinced me I would never fail. She instilled a competitive spirit in me and showed me a toughness and stubbornness that was second to none. Her approach to life lives on in myself and my sons and for that I am eternally grateful. Rest in Peace Mom. Happy Mother’s Day to you.

Hey Mom P.S. When I got bullied in the 1st grade and was getting punched randomly all of the time you told me to get that bully alone and hit him back twice as hard and he ever hit me and he would leave me alone forever. You said they get their power from an audience. You know what? That was exactly what happened. Just one of the many life lessons that you taught. Thanks.


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