Boot Camp round 3!

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We also train our athletes’ moms and former high school and college athletes too!CaptureIMG_1496


5 keys to athleticism

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Taken from Ed’s emanual Capture5 Important Keys to Developing Athleticism

Written by

One of Pennsylvania’s most educated and experienced Sports Performance Trainers

Ed Wietholder


The following list is by no means all-encompassing but provides some insight into some of the most glaring points that have jumped out at me through the last 30 years of my own training as well as those that I have trained. By no means was I a gifted athlete but years ago at the age of 36 I ran a 4.6 40 yard dash and vertical jumped 36 inches. This was not by accident or due to a gift a but because I have learned and observed training outcomes for a very long time. Please take a few minutes and look over my list.


1)Put more empahasis on strength, power, explosion and speed than muscular and aerobic endurance.

In other words more strength, fitness and speed and less crossfit and long slow distance running.

The most common question we get is, “Did he or she work hard?”. Did they sweat? Did they breathe heavy? Most of these questions are related to conditioning. Athletes have plenty of time for conditioning. What most lack is explosion. Who cares if you can finish the soccer or basketball or football game without being tired? Did you move explosively during it enough to have an impact on the game? It’s great to be able to get through the game, but were you quick enough during it?

Conditioning and speed, agility quickness training are mutually exclusive events.

When baseball players prep for the season, many teams run distance only.  3 miles per day, 3 times per week. What about speed in the field or on the bases? It would take 2 seasons to run what some teams condition with in a week. THIS MAKES NO SENSE. Especially when you lose 3 games due to a ball dropping in or getting thrown out at second when stealing or not beating out an infield hit.

Puking during a conditioning workout is one thing. Puking during a speed workout is impossible. Here’s why. When you condition, your body produces a boat load of metabolic acid especially when video gamers start conditioning for the first time. Metabolic acid in copious amounts completely inhibits the firing of any fast twitch fiber that one is trying to tap for SPEED TRAINING. Puking=lack of conditioning, conditioning, eating bad food, virus, nerves. Not explosive training. Not anywhere remotely close.

All you have to do is look at what happens to vertical leap, 10 yard dash, broad jump and 40 yard dash after a 6 week bout of high rep band squats for time. Or what happens after a division I soccer player trains like a marathoner.

Decreases of 4-6 inches in the vert and worsening dash times of .2-.3 seconds are not uncommon.

You can do all of the plyometric and speed drills in the world but if you don’t have  a strong, stable base you will reap very little benefit.

2)Work your brakes!

Athletes work linear speed like crazy but the problem is unless you are a track athlete you will have to be able to stop and restart. Stay off of the leg press machine and spend more time in the squat rack. While you are in the squat rack, don’t bounce out of the bottom position, use your hamstrings and glutes down there.

Make sure your ground mechanics are appropriate when you are training. Knees over toes, dorsiflexed ankle on contact. Don’t  feel  for the ground with a pointed toe. Get your hips down! Avoid excessive vertical movement when you are moving laterally.


3)Rely more and more on “open” drills.

only gets you so far.
You need to perform drills that involve you reacting to a variety of stimuli including contact, visual and auditory. There needs to be a reactive component to your training. You can prove it to yourself by first reacting to a “go” command without false stepping. Next try doing it reacting to a clap or thrown ball. See what I mean?

Your ability to stop and start unpredictably is at the root of agility.

If you do not add the element of surprise(open drills) to your agility repertoire, you become good at a skill like you get good at a golf swing or dancing or a ladder or cone drill.

Multiple studies bear this out.

Once the foundation of good mechanics is laid, unpredictability must follow unless you just want to be a combine or showcase star only.


4)Spend more time actually developing your athleticism.

There comes a point in time when being in 2 leagues, for 3 teams and running around reaches a point of diminishing returns.


Your swing is flawless….but has no pop. Will playing for 3 teams make it better?


Your soccer foot skills are great…….but you run like a dump truck. Will playing rec, travel and cup all in the same season fix this?


You are running track to get faster…….will running the mile or throwing the discus make this better?


There comes a point in time when an athlete needs to focus on his or her athleticism. You can’t do this by demonstrating the skills that you have. You must overload with some strength, speed, and agility training and allow time to RECOVER. Try playing for one team, one sport at a time during season.


5)Continue training In season! A recent research study entitled, “DETRAINING AND TAPERING ADAPTATION ON STRENGTH AND POWER PERFORMANCE” was published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, Aug. 2007 and provides definitive scientific data that addresses your question of whether it is worth maintaining some level of training frequency versus stopping altogether and participating in a sport.  In the study, speed and strength training was conducted for 16 weeks prior to the experimental detraining (DTR) or maintenance (MT) work.  Following the training period, DTR stopped additional exercise; the other group, MT, performed low volume, high intensity work periodically.  Both groups continued to participate in their given sport.  Following 4 weeks of this modification, DTR lost some strength but had over a 15% decrease in muscle power (slower running speed and lower vertical jump), while  MT (the group that continued with their performance training) showed a small increase in strength and maintained power (maintenance of performance gains)



About the Author

Ed Wietholder is the founder and owner of Strength Fitness and Speed, Inc. Ed has trained many athletes and non athletes as well from the Pittsburgh area. In addition, many have benefited from his routine design and consultation across the United States.

Ed has authored many articles that have appeared in national and international magazines.

Ed has trained and consulted for many High School, Collegiate and Professional teams.


What others are saying about Ed Wietholder

From the South Hills Record:

“Dom DeCicco Sr., head coach of the TJ boys’ basketball program, watched three of his sons go through Wietholder’ s program. His oldest son, Dom Jr., graduated from Pitt and now is on the Chicago Bears roster. In 2008 Zach, then a senior at TJ, and Brock, then a junior, started for the Jaguars’ undefeated state champion football team. “Before they go to combines, or anything of that nature, they usually go to Ed’s(SFS),” the father said of his sons.  “Ed is absolutely fantastic. I couldn’t recommend anyone higher.”

“Coach Ed Wietholder has worked with our Bethel Park Lady Hawk Basketball Program for ten consecutive years. We would not even entertain the thought of having preseason conditioning without him. Coach Ed combines agility, flexibility, strength, stamina, and core exercises into every one of his workouts. It’s easy for me as a coach to make my girls run for conditioning, but that’s just not enough anymore. Today’s high school varsity athlete needs to be cross-trained and that’s right where Coach Ed fits into our program. There is no doubt in my mind that working with him has greatly contributed to success. We have reached the playoffs each of the seasons he has trained us, with the highlight coming in 2013 when we won the program’s first WPIAL championship in history. The Lady Hawk Basketball Team is made tougher, faster, and stronger by Coach Ed and Strength, Fitness And Speed. I highly recommend Ed Wietholder for any aspect of training, team or individual. You will become a better athlete (or team) as a result.”


Jonna Burke

Head Varsity Coach

Bethel Park Lady Hawk Basketball

Find out more about Ed and Strength, Fitness And Speed, Inc. –


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This will be a great experience for all involved. We hope to help our camp realize higher levels of fitness and improved body composition!

bootcamp october

Going back about ten years I caught hell from a head football coach whose team we had been contracted to train for strength and speed 3 days per week. His assistant coaches had spread the word that these infidels(my coaches and I) didn’t have the team hitting each muscle group. Coach called me to his office and was insane and yelled, “They are only doing 4 exercises each workout! No curls, no skull crushers, no leg press, no side laterals, no strip set forced rep banded madness!! “How can one gain from just 4 exercises Ed?!! This is ridiculous I can’t believe we hired you guys!” I calmly said, “Coach back in 2003 I worked up to deadlifting 415×20, Squatting 495×5, Chinning 5 reps with 115 pounds on my waist and Benching 315×5 with 5 exercises on Monday, 3 on Wednesday and 3 on Friday. No chemical assistance Coach. I was 37 years old Coach and weighed about 190 pounds. ” “Oh”, he calmly said. Well maybe we will try this out………… Keep it Simple Stupid.

This will be a great experience for all involved. We hope to help our camp realize higher levels of fitness and improved body composition!


It’s been awhile since the update. 2015. Here is our draft of graduated high school seniors in progress. Quite impressive congrats to all of you whether you’ve been on the list since 1998 or just went on. If you trained with us for a few months at least at any point before college you are on the list. If we missed anyone please message me.


Ian Wild                                             Baldwin                                                                           Mercyhurst/Pittsburgh Steelers/Winnipeg

Russell Stuvaints                              Youngstown State                                           Pittsburgh Steelers NFL

Cie Grant                            Ohio State University                                     New Orleans Saints NFL

Dom DeCicco                    Thomas Jefferson High School                     Chicago Bears NFL

Cory Tucker                       South Park                                                        Slippery Rock/Cleveland Browns

Dorian Johnson                 Belle Vernon                                                    University of Pittsburgh/AZ Cardinals

Cassidy Walsh                   Seton LaSalle                                                   University of Pittsburgh


Lamont Wade                    Clairton                                                             Penn State University

Zane Zandier                      Thomas Jefferson                                                           Virginia

Nolan Genilla                    South Park                                                        SVSU

Josh Wagner                      South Park                                                        Penn State Behrend

Adam Morris                      South Park                                                        Clarion

Dan Irwin                            South Park                                                        Penn State Behrend

Brett Francis                      South Park                                                        Chatham

Jon Muehlbauer                Thomas Jefferson                                                           Robert Morris

Artie Priore                        Baldwin                                                                           Robert Morris

Ritchie Ryan                      Central Catholic                                              Harvard

Jordan Zilka                       Belle Vernon                                                    Mercyhurst

Nolan Abbiatici                 Seton Lasalle                                                   Mount Union

Mike Fine                           Belle Vernon                                                    Saint Francis

Sean Kealey                       Baldwin                                                                           Allegheny

TJ Kpan                                             Peters Township                                              Seton Hill

Nick Krugh                         Seton LaSalle                                                   W and J

Colin Loughman                Bethel Park                                                       Seton Hill

Carly Lutz                          Baldwin                                                                           Point Park

Anthony Winkler                             South Park                                                        California University

Nick Bowers                      Kittanning                                                        University of Pittsburgh

Maddie Huber                    Baldwin                                                                           Endicott

Alayna Gribble                  Norwin                                                              University of Pittsburgh

Harrison Everley                              Thomas jefferson                                                           Robert Morris

Ryan Podgorski                 South Park                                                        Slippery Rock

Sean Gerst                          Baldwin                                                                           Muskingum

Evan Hannan                     Belle Vernon                                                    W and J

Matt Benicky                     Belle Vernon                                                    W and J

Nick Sweitzer                    Belle Vernon                                                    Georgetown

Justin Ivill                          Belle Vernon                                                    Bucknell

Jake Maxwell                     TJ                                                                       WV Wesleyan

Peter Metro                        TJ                                                                       St. Vincent

Adam Staudt                      TJ                                                                       Clarion

Sam Fareri                          South Park                                                        Clarion

Braden Pahanish                              TJ                                                                       California University

Andrew Wheeler                              USC                                                                   George Washington

Ryan Harkleroad                              USC                                                                   Dayton

Zack Pateras                       USC                                                                   Allegheny

Aaron Matthews                Clairton                                                             Pitt

Chacar Berry                      Ringgold                                                           Slippery Rock

Jake Stewart                       South Park                                                        Wooster

Jake Dixon                         Bethel Park                                                       Duquesne University

Sarah Stanley                     South Park                                                        Ohio State

Andy Abreu                       Penn Trafford                                                  Laroche

Doug Altavilla                   Baldwin                                                                           Mercyhurst

Evan Augustine                 South Park                                                        PSU Behrend

Austin Stephan                  USC                                                                   Baldwin Wallace

Ashley Baker                     Elizabeth Forward                                           Alderson Broadus

Mitch Nordstrom                              Bethel Park                                                       Waynesburg

Justin Vickless                  Brentwood                                                        W and J

Nick Vento                         Franklin Regional                                           W and J

Brad Villa                           South Park                                                        W and J

Bradon Toy                        Kittaning                                                           W and J

Anthony Levis                   Belle Vernon                                                    W and J

Austin Kemp                      Thomas Jefferson                                                           W and J

Justin Bauer                       Brentwood                                                        W and J

Trevor Morrow                  USC                                                                   W and J

Matt Hermessmann           EF                                                                      W and J

Ian Dobbins                        Belle Vernon                                                    Penn

Adam Cole                         Belle Vernon                                                    PSU

Austin Fields                      Belle Vernon                                                    Slippery Rock

Jake Sweitzer                     Belle Vernon                                                    Georgetown

Nick Scholle                      South Park                                                        Duquesne

Chris Boff                           South Park                                                        Thiel

Carley Bogan                     USC                                                                   William and Mary

Christian Breisinger          TJ                                                                       Waynesburg

Pat Hall                               TJ                                                                       Princeton

Nick Fekula                        EF                                                                      Princeton

Natalie Fekula                   EF                                                                      Adelphi

Kylie Owoc                        EF                                                                      Ursuline

Joe Mascaro                       Bethel Park                                                       Case Western

John Mascaro                    Bethel Park                                                       CMU

Mike Brucker                     Bethel Park                                                       St. Francis

Brook Burns                       Laurel Highlands                                                            W and J

JT Colosimo                       Seton LaSalle                                                   Waynesburg

Adam Ottaviano                Seton Lasalle                                                   Slippery Rock

Logan Corrigan                  Bethel Park                                                       James Madison

Dakota Forsyth                  Bethel Park                                                       PSU

Zac Forsyth                        Bethel Park                                                       Tampa

Shane Mallon                     Penn Trafford                                                  Alderson broadus

Cole Costy                          TJ                                                                       Youngstown State

Brett Dadig                         Seton LaSalle                                                   Pitt Greensburg

Danielle Dadig                   Seton LaSalle                                                   Youngstown State

Luke Deanavich                TJ                                                                       St. Vincent

Tony Devivo                      Freeport                                                                           Duquesne

Danielle Dindak                Serra Catholic                                                  Westminster

Shane Fetsko                      South Park                                                        Marietta

Sean Gallagher                  Bethel Park                                                       PSU Behrend

Rachel Giannangeli          Gateway                                                                           Clarion

Tracy Gibson                     South Park                                                        John Carroll

Justin Gorny                      South Park                                                        PSU Behrend

Dan Wanker                       South Park                                                        PSU Behrend

Carter Grote                       South Park                                                        Furman

Curtis Perz                          Norwin                                                              Wheeling Jesuit

Cory Owen                         Peters Township                                              James Madison

Gina Rock                          Latrobe                                                             Frostburg State

Shelby Lindsay                  South Park                                                        West Point

Laurel Lindsay                  South Park                                                        Edinboro

Corey Lostetter                  TJ                                                                       Fairleigh-Dickinson

Dave Martin                       South Park                                                        Waynesburg

Ben Webb                           GCC                                                                   St. Vincent

Chris Winkler                    South Park                                                        St. Vincent

Brian McDonough            Penn Trafford                                                  Concord

Corey Stanford                  Penn Trafford                                                  Catholic University

Connor McWilliams         Brentwood                                                        Alderson Broadus

Jake Murphy                      Bethel Park                                                       US Merchant Marine

Jake Wallace                      GCC                                                                   US Merchant Marine

Matt Naylor                        Belle Vernon                                                    Geneva

Rex Pearce                         EF                                                                      IUP

George Prota                      EF                                                                      Pitt Johnstown

Charlie Scharbo                 TJ                                                                       Carlow

Ryan Sciullo                      Kiski                                                                  W and J

Cam Smail                          Kiski                                                                  Grove City

Alex Minton                       Bethel Park                                                       Drake

Alexa Stahl                         Baldwin                                                                           West Liberty

Cody Stolar                        South Park                                                        Allegheny

Brian Holland                    Bethel Park                                                       Allegheny

Evan Schweitzer                Bethel Park                                                       Allegheny

Mike Wainauskis                             TJ                                                                       Slippery Rock

Alexis Yanief                     TJ                                                                       Millersville

Lauren Yobbi                     South Park                                                        Duquesne

Jason Yobbi                       South Park                                                        W and J

Allie Yurkovich                TJ                                                                       RMU

Rachel Stover                    TJ                                                                       Cleveland State

Hannah Zangara                USC                                                                   Allegheny

Adam Mihoci                     Franklin Regional                                           California University

Mac Pope                            USC

Robert Plummer                USC

Joe Laukitis                        USC                                                                   Saint Francis

Sydney Judkins                 South Park                                                        Sacred Heart

Hannah Judkins                 South Park                                                        West Liberty

Rayshawn Bolden             West Virginia University

Tyler Trettin                       Bloomsburg                                                      Arena Football League

Jamar Foulks                      Mansfield                                                         Pittsburgh Power

Trent Jones                         Indiana University                                          Arena Football League

Beau Gibbs                         Northern Iowa                                                  Arena Football League

Mike Chiapetta                  Indiana University                                          Arena Football League

Dorin Dickerson                West Allegheny                                               University of Pittsburgh

Jon Ditto                             Gateway                                                                           Penn State University

Ryan Einwag                      Baldwin                                                                           Carnegie Mellon University

Rich Costanza                    Thomas Jefferson High School                     Maryland/PSU/Riverhounds

Tom Shirley                       Norwin                                                              Xavier

Chris Spegal                       Bethel Park                                                       Ohio

Jon Stewart                         Norwin                                                              Penn State University

Nathan Totino                    Seton LaSalle                                                   Duquesne

Renee Tomko                     Thomas Jefferson High School                     Louisville

Grant Serdy                        Upper St. Clair                                                 Princeton

Jonna Handra                     South Allegheny                                              UNC Charlotte

Brad Rodgers                     Norwin                                                              Robert Morris University

Tyler Urban                        Norwin                                                              West Virginia University

Andy Clifford                    Bethel Park                                                       University of Pittsburgh

Anthony Caruso                Bethel Park                                                       Duquesne

Amanda Albitz                  South Park                                                        IUP

Mike Salopek                     Norwin                                                              University of Virginia

Cassy Sanderson                              Elizabeth Forward                                           Wheeling Jesuit

Zach DeCicco                    Thomas Jefferson High School                     Washington and Jefferson

Jordan Kelly                      Seton LaSalle                                                   St. Francis

Garrett Walz                      Seton LaSalle                                                   St. Francis

Brian Lattanzi                    USC                                                                   University of Buffalo

Brock DeCicco                  Thomas Jefferson                                                           University of Pittsburgh

Don Rhodes                       Norwin                                                              Georgetown

Rob McCall                        Thomas Jefferson                                                           Mercyhurst

Lyle Marsh                         Bethel Park                                                       Penn

John Schademan                              Bethel Park                                                       Colgate

Eric Olson                          Bethel Park                                                       Cal University

Cori Stark                           Belle Vernon                                                    Youngstown State University

Sydney Judkins                 South Park                                                        Sacred Heart

Shane Henkel                     Gateway                                                                           Ohio University

Tarran Senay                      South Park                                                        NC State

Zach Zigmond                    Bethel Park                                                       Wheeling Jesuit

Tara Zollinger                                                                                                University of Maryland

Lauren Dittman                 Norwin                                                               Colgate

Liam Krahe                        Bethel Park                                                         Northeastern

Rick Fehl                            Pittsburgh Central Catholic                            Mount Union

Zach Zigmond                    Bethel Park                                                        Wheeling Jesuit

Anthony Rusch                  Bethel Park                                                         Seton Hill

Christian Angotti               Thomas Jefferson                                             University of Dayton

Mike Carr                           Steel Valley                                                        Point Park University

Nate Wojciekowski          South Allegheny                                                LaRoche

Jared Pratt                          Bethel Park                                                       Colgate

Evan Kelly                         Seton LaSalle                                                   University of Richmond

Jake Matthews                   Greensburg-Salem                                          Cornell

Jessie Vilkofsky                Elizabeth Forward                                           Wheeling Jesuit

Adam Lazenga                   Bethel Park                                                       University of Pittsburgh

Riley Kern                          Elizabeth Forward                                           Washington and Jefferson

Ron Harris                          Baldwin                                                                           Slippery Rock

Quinn Hood                       Baldwin                                                                           Wooster

CJ Seitzinger                      Bethel Park                                                       John Carrol

Cory Spegal                        Bethel Park                                                       Mercyhurst

Garrett Wild                       Baldwin                                                                           Mercyhurst


Matt Walbert                      South Park                                                        Pitt

TJ Matrascia                      TJ                                                                       Robert Morris University

Tim Petro                            Norwin                                                              Gannon

Ryan Luffey                       South Park                                                        LaRoche

Dave Kucenic                    South Park                                                        Cal U.

Ryan Sherry                       Bethel Park                                                       Allegheny

Nick Miller                         West Mifflin                                                    W and J

Bill Bendgen                      West Mifflin                                                    Thiel

Chad Bowman                   Franklin Regional                                           Seton Hill

Randy Bush                        Baldwin                                                                           Bethany

Zack Landman                   Brownsville                                                      Marrietta

Alex Mace                          Bethel Park                                                       Juniata

Matt Didiano                      Franklin Regional                                           Penn State Behrend

Chris Rizzo                        Bethel Park                                                       John Carroll University

Brook Burns                       Laurel Highlands                                                            Wheaton

Ryan Mihoci                      Franklin Regional                                           Lycoming

Matt Green                         Belle Vernon                                                    RMU

Tyler Sellew                       Belle Vernon                                                    California University

Spencer Lynn                     Belle Vernon                                                    California University


Danielle DeMay                Bethel Park High School                                Penn State Behrend

Dan DiNinno                      Penn Trafford High School                            Grove City

Jim Dittman                        Norwin                                                              Penn State Behrend

Megan Duncan                  Norwin                                                              Penn State University

Ryan Fehl                           Central Catholic                                              Mount Union

Matt Griffin                        Bethel Park                                                       Duquesne

Will Grunewald                 Mount Lebanon                                               Bowdoin

Ben Iannachione                              Baldwin                                                                           Boise State University

Jason Kolodziej                 Thomas Jefferson High School                     Bucknell

Zach Kuba                          Shadyside Academy                                       NYU

Noelle Lyons                     Norwin                                                              Saint Francis

Paul Matthews                   Greensburg Salem                                           Hampden-Sydney

Dale Meinbresse                              Upper St. Clair                                                 Quinnipiac

Jake Mihalov                     Thomas Jefferson                                                           Denison

Tony Mingone                   Brentwood                                                        Mount Union

Erin Montgomery                             Allderdice                                                        Allegheny

Mike Morante                    Peters Township                                              Dayton

Ryne Murray                      Upper St. Clair                                                 Westminster

TJ O’ Brien                         South Park                                                        Wheeling Jesuit

Casey Quinn                      Bishop Canevin                                               Duquesne

Rob Ramsey                       Geibel Catholic                                               California

Franco Sebastiani                             Greensburg Central                                         Rochester

Drew Serdy                        Upper St. Clair                                                 CMU

Jake Serdy                          Upper St. Clair                                                 Maine

Erica Bilski                        Seton LaSalle High School                            Chatham

Tim Chapon                       Thomas Jefferson High School                     Pitt Titusville

Pam Coudriet                     Carrick High                                                    Carlow

Adam Cline                        Thomas Jefferson High School                     Penn State Behrend

Kara Stroup                        Mars                                                                  St. Francis

Dan Robb                           Thomas Jefferson High School                     West Virginia University

Mike Puskaric                    Serra Catholic                                                  Robert Morris University

AJ Little                                             Baldwin                                                                           CMU

Brian Urban                       Baldwin                                                                           Indiana University

Kristen Penska                   Norwin                                                              Juniata

AJ Ross                               Thomas Jefferson High School                     St. Vincent

Matt Bliss                           Bethel Park                                                       W and J

Alex Baroffio                     Bethel Park                                                       W and J


This camp will run for 8 weeks and will meet on Mondays and Fridays at 12 noon for 8 weeks at the Pleasant Hills Location starting June 12th. There is a 5000 square foot area for the athletes to work in. Sessions run for 60 minutes. Total cost of the camp is $349. This camp is not a 3 day deal, it is designed to actually create habits and improve strength, footwork and speed over a 2 month period.

We will be working on total body strength, upper body power and hand quickness, short range acceleration, balance, capping power leaks and toughness.

There will also be a large skills component to the camp involving feet and hands.

Total cost of the camp is $349/athlete. Your place is reserved when we receive your payment. Athlete:coach  ratio will not exceed 8:1 generally speaking.

We are accepting reservations now. Your spot will be confirmed with payment.

We will break players into groups based on age and skill. Accepting ages 10 and up.

If 5 players sign up from same team, cost goes to $320/athlete.

Contact Ed at for registration and more details. Your place will be reserved with your payment.

Our camp coaches include current and former SFAS college football players and SFAS Coaches.