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Gaining Perspective

Posted: February 23, 2021 in Uncategorized
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Coming up on 5 years now I was at the Cleveland Clinic Cole Eye Institute and sat down opposite a kind happy man in the waiting room. He was around 65 years old and the first thing I noticed about him was his personality. Warm, caring, charismatic, god fearing and kind. All of this In 5 minutes. He had struck up a conversation with my wife and I and discovered I was an NBA fan and our conversation turned to the Cavaliers. And Money. And Peace of mind. And fortune. This was the most content man I had ever met in my life. He also had one eye closed and later upon further conversation I learned it was sewed shut. He then matter of factly told me he had his eye removed last week. He was so happy to have it out due to his diabetes and was so blessed to have one good eye. He went off to his exam room and my wife and I to ours. As I passed him in his exam room he yelled out “All right Ed Go Cavs!” with a thumbs up! Suddenly I realized my headache and sore knee weren’t really problems and most of the problems I had were not real ones, only imaginary. Knew this man for 20 minutes and really stuck with me. Amen!