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Gaining Perspective

Posted: February 23, 2021 in Uncategorized
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Coming up on 5 years now I was at the Cleveland Clinic Cole Eye Institute and sat down opposite a kind happy man in the waiting room. He was around 65 years old and the first thing I noticed about him was his personality. Warm, caring, charismatic, god fearing and kind. All of this In 5 minutes. He had struck up a conversation with my wife and I and discovered I was an NBA fan and our conversation turned to the Cavaliers. And Money. And Peace of mind. And fortune. This was the most content man I had ever met in my life. He also had one eye closed and later upon further conversation I learned it was sewed shut. He then matter of factly told me he had his eye removed last week. He was so happy to have it out due to his diabetes and was so blessed to have one good eye. He went off to his exam room and my wife and I to ours. As I passed him in his exam room he yelled out “All right Ed Go Cavs!” with a thumbs up! Suddenly I realized my headache and sore knee weren’t really problems and most of the problems I had were not real ones, only imaginary. Knew this man for 20 minutes and really stuck with me. Amen!


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PSU Football’s Mason Stahl working up to 500×3

Going back about 12 years I caught hell from a head football coach whose team we had been contracted to train for strength and speed 3 days per week. His assistant coaches had spread the word that these infidels(my coaches and I) didn’t have the team hitting each muscle group. Coach called me to his office and was insane and yelled, “They are only doing 4 exercises each workout! No curls, no skull crushers, no leg press, no side laterals, no strip set forced rep banded madness!! “How can one gain from just 4 exercises Ed?!! This is ridiculous I can’t believe we hired you guys!” I calmly said, “Coach back in 2003 I worked up to deadlifting 415×20, Squatting 495×5, Chinning 5 reps with 115 pounds on my waist and Benching 315×5 with 5 exercises on Monday, 3 on Wednesday and 3 on Friday. No chemical assistance Coach. I was 37 years old Coach and weighed about 190 pounds. ” “Oh”, he calmly said. Well maybe we will try this out………… The KISS principle: Keep it Simple Stupid.

The same principle applies to an everyday tasking environment. Multitasking feels great but leads to stress and inefficiency no matter how good you are at it. Keeping it simple and staying in the moment of each task is most efficient and the best way to lead to your own effective longevity.

The Gap

Posted: September 14, 2020 in Uncategorized
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One of the best books that I have ever read is the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by the late Steven Covey about 25 years ago before I started my entrepreneurial venture. There are 2 parts of this book that really resonated with me.

The first was the notion of the gap between a stimulus that you receive and your response to it. First and foremost a theme that ties many of the principles together is self awareness. You are not your thoughts, your background, what life had dealt you, or how people treat you. What you are is your response to those things. In many ways this is mindfulness and “Zen” like.  It sounds very simple but just so powerful. It is applicable on so many levels. At the root of it is your ability to feel secure with your own principles and not giving “you” away to the pressure you receive from an event or another person. Think and pause before you react.

The second was a comment he made to not “get caught up in the THICK of THIN things. Things that matter the most such as your principles and family should not be at the mercy of self imposed deadlines, the opinions others have of you, or a junk filled email list. This certainly involves saying “NO” to requests others have of you. If they are a friend or a truly supportive family member they will understand. If you are too worried what they think of you because you told them NO then you have some interior work to do. If you say YES to a very thin thing you may have said NO to something more important without literally doing so. 

The book is a fantastic read and even better as a guide and reminder.