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The Fifth Quarter?

Most sporting events are either won or lost before the fifth quarter. Unfortunately most young athletes today only plan on playing four quarters and never reap the benefits of playing through the fifth. I am not talking about overtime or extra innings. I am talking about refueling your body with the proper nutrition to play your sport at the highest-level possible day in and day out.
The most commonly asked question from our athletes is what they should be doing immediately after their workout. Everyone wants to be bigger, faster, and stronger but no one understands the commitment necessary to achieve these goals and reach their full potential as an athlete.
Throughout your workout your body is reacting and responding to the demands put forth by your coach. You are running, lifting, and jumping at a continued high level of intensity. Your body takes you through the workout but is left depleted and broken. In this scenario the fifth quarter could possibly be more important then all four previous quarters combined. Your body uses fuel just like the car that brought you to your workout. If you never refuel your car you will eventually break down and go nowhere. The same thing will happen to your body if it is not refueled after every workout or sporting event.
The human body’s main source of fuel is carbohydrates (Muscle glycogen). When these levels are full you can push your body further and maintain a higher level of intensity for a longer period of time. In order to keep these levels high it is very important to take advantage of the ninety-minute window after your workout when your body is eager to absorb carbohydrates and repair itself.
My recommendation to anyone who is trying to reach his or her full athletic potential is to play through the fifth quarter. Grape Juice, bananas, oatmeal, etc are all good healthy sources of carbohydrates. Protein shakes and bars provide your body with the nutrition necessary to repair your muscles and allow them to continue to grow. Your post workout meal should consist of both healthy carbohydrates and protein, which should be consumed immediately after your workout. After you add the fifth quarter to the four already won you are taking the most important steps in becoming the athlete you want to be.