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Can someone please tell me how duplicating on the field or court movements that always occur in a RANDOM environment in a predictable training environment constitutes movement training? Sure absolutely for the novice executing predictable cuts in front of a dummy or dancing in the ladder helps but man alive after a while this becomes nothing more than a dynamic warm up. You have to figure out how to take a piece of a movement and overload it to make the whole movement better and this only can occur in a random unpredictable training environment with intermediate through advanced athletes. Otherwise you are merely demonstrating movement, not improving it.

Open or Closed Drills

Posted: April 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

only gets you so far.
You need to perform drills that involve you reacting to a variety of stimuli including contact, visual and auditory. There needs to be a reactive component to your training. You can prove it to yourself by first reacting to a “go” command without false stepping. Next try doing it reacting to a clap or thrown ball. See what I mean?