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This will be a chance for those not yet part of the SFAS family to check out the facility, observe some training, speak to our staff and to get an opportunity to sign up for 50% discounted functional assessments. All current and past SFAS family members are welcome to attend!

  • Meet Coach Ed and get a perspective on 40 plus years of trends and what is effective in training. What looks “cool” may not do much for the athlete at all.
  • Meet his excellent staff and observe some training
  • There will be an opportunity to schedule a 50% discounted assessment for attending
  • Of course some snacks(healthy!) and….some not so much2016-07-27 18.34.40

We are happy to provide this service again! Many happy much improved campers!

Q: What is meant by capping power leaks?

A: Power leaks occur when transferring power from legs to hands. Through core, balance, mechanical, and mental improvements we teach how to facilitate this transfer.


Q: When my daughter begins her training at her high school should we stop training here?

When our younger athletes start at the high schools we compliment the work they do there with our own.

Very few if any duplicate our movement and speed type training.

We compliment the weight training work at the school with our own not duplicate it.

She should try to remain an explosive athlete and avoid cross country type endurance or cross fit type high repetition training as her staple unless she will be participating in very high endurance type sports. Those modes should only be a compliment to her main focus.

Train fast be fast, train slow be slow.

SFAS LogoI just wanted to wish you a wonderful holiday season, and thank you for your support.

Whether you’ve been a client for years, a fan of our newsletter, or are just finding out about us for the first time, we’re honored to have you as a member of our community. Every day that we get to help you or your student athlete to become better  is truly a privilege.

Our plans for 2013 and beyond are very exciting. We’ll be expanding and remodeling our Pleasant Hills location, introducing an “open gym” membership concept, and increasing the knowledge and development of our already amazing coaches. Everything we do is geared towards helping you achieve your goals. The beauty of it is that it comes natural to all of us because it is indeed our passion.

Finally, even though I’ll be spending less time on the training floor after 5 PM due to my hectic very early morning and afternoons, I’ll be continuing to share my ideas on training through my coaches, the blog and other media channels. And that’s just for starters…

On behalf of everyone who works here: Thank you. We wouldn’t be here without you and we’ve been keenly aware of that for the last 14 years.

Best wishes to you and your family,


I had a feeling when Billy Stanley started back with us in Fall 2011 that this was going to be his year. As a matter of fact I joked with him and said he would break the school record in the spring with his first throw. I was off, but not by much, it was indeed his second throw.The rest as they say is history. I had Bill focus on ground based movements and periodized his training accordingly. I had very little interest in high rep ranges and focused on building a strong foundation from which he could express power. Lots of overhead pressing, squatting, deadlifting, olympic type lifts as well as lots of overhead slams, sledgehammer work and various plyometric movements to simulate javelin progression. We really focused on the transfer of power from hips to hands. I look forward to watching Bill Rise at Ohio State University. Read more at


Pleasant Hills- Strength, Fitness And Speed, Inc. is teaching and developing athleticism with local student athletes.

“We now offer programs to meet every economic, time and athletic demand.”

“Our group performance classes and camps have been a huge success. Over 20 of the football players that we worked with last off season made all conference this year.,” Wietholder explained. Ed is the founder of Strength, Fitness And Speed, Inc.

Speed, agility and quickness Sports Performance classes are forming the week of January 24th. Information is available on the website or by calling 412-653-7970